Why Memorizon?

There are different symptoms that are connected to the behavioral and the psychological problems of a person suffering from dementia, labeled as Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms in Dementia (BPSD). Sweden is among the first countries in the world that have introduced a national program for improving the quality of care of people using mandatory BPSD-based follow-up. Even though BPSD follow-up is mandatory in nursing homes in Sweden, not many nursing homes perform it due to its difficulties and the high cost of having a staff member observing the person with dementia at all time. The product Sensorizon from Memorizon AB helps in detecting the symptoms of dementia automatically and observing the person with dementia 24/7. Sensorizon improves the quality of care, since it detects behavioral problems automatically and helps in planning better targeted interventions that reduce stress for people with dementia. This will also result in reducing stress and the risk of developing depression on the long term for caregivers.

Sensorizon will reduce the cost of dementia care significantly for municipalities. The average cost of dementia care for each person with dementia lives in the nursing home in Sweden is 1809 sek per day (≈ 55k SEK per month), while the cost for people with dementia still living at home is only 461 sek per hour for hemtjänst (≈ 31k SEK per month). Based on our meetings with stakeholders, Sensorizon has the potential of reducing the workload for caregivers by 15% and will help people with dementia stay longer in their home before they need to move to a nursing home. The potential staff time savings is estimated to have a value of 3200 MSEK per year. There is a further potential savings in Sweden of not creating additional nursing homes for the ageing population, corresponding to avoided costs of 1700 MSEK per year. In addition, keeping the staff healthy would also avoid many costly burnout cases.

Here are the diagrams of the cost of home care and nursing homes in some municipalities in Sweden, as taken from Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting home page (https://skl.se/)

Dementia costs in Sweden:

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